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Pics of ma Palzzzzz

Pics of ma Palzzzzz
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Here you will discover all things sexy! Here you can see some photos of us lot when we were all like friendz, if u know wot i mean! Don't even bother tellin me dey aint sexy, i only roll with hot chica's!!!!!!

Stevie and Ersha




These are jus a few of ma peeps lol most of them when asked if I got photos of them on my website were erm, yeah you know lol


Just a few people I know some of em mates and sum of em aquantances if you get what I mean LOL


Well heres a few mates I like LOL im talkin girlys here peeps! I wana say THANK YOU TO; Ersha, Roxy, Naomi, Carlene, rochelle, Chantelle! Your all brilliantl seriously you mean ALOT TO ME!



mmmmmmmmmm ravin, i also love love love queit nights in with my boyfriend (when I have one, i have a tendacy to drive men away; GREAT aint it?), eating and cooking oh and of course shopping!

Heres sum people I want to say THANX a bundle tooooo LOL;
Ersha- for obvious reasons LOVE YA HUNNI!
Rochelle; When everyone else stops phoning me cos u know what im like; a lazy bitch you keep phoning to check up to see how im doin; love ya for it
Roxy- In a strange way she made me see the light!
Foaud- Even though I dont know you that well; i want to get to know you and I love your BBQ's- and ur sense of humour your WICKED!
Spencer- You make me laugh, you then make me cry; I love you for it and then I hate you for it; your another confusing character! but hey youve meant a lot to me for the past few weeks jus not enough i dont think (and u know why!)

Fuck it you only live once!

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